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Payment Terms & Conditions.

Last Updated December 01, 2023

These Payment Terms & Conditions for Lohia Visuals ("Company," "We," "Us," or "Our"), describes how and when the payment is collected when the Client ("You", "Your", "Yourself", "User")  uses our services. THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS ARE AN INTEGRAL AND ONE OF THE FIRST STEPS IN THE PROCESS WE FOLLOW AS A PART OF OUR WORKFLOW FOR EACH AND EVERY PROJECT.

We assume you have read and understood all the Payment Terms & Conditions mentioned below before We begin Your work, IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BE ALTERED FOR ANYONE. When you contact us through "HIRE US" we assume you have read & acknowledged these Payment Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Terms of Use by clicking the acknowledgement check box before submiting the form.

1. Advance Deposit

  • After the client agrees upon the final quotation an advance payment of 50% of the total amount must be deposited to the Company's account before the project start date, failing to do so will make the previous quotation invalid and a new price will be quoted for the same.

  • If due to any technical difficulties the client is unable to pay the advance on or before project start date, we must informed by you about the technical difficulty, failing to do so will leave the quotation invalid and a new quotation will be issued with a new project starting date & project final delivery date.

  • If you ask for renders without watermarks from initial stages, you will have to pay 100% as advance payment which is non-refundable.



2. Full Payment

  • 100% of the payment must be made by the you to the company before the final product/services are delivered to the you via email or post, final product/service will not be delivered to you under any circumstance before 100% of the payment is received by the company.

  • If you have a project deadline which is very close to the project delivery date, you must make 100% payment 24 - 48 hours before the delivery date mentioned in the quotation as in any technical difficulty or circumstance the final product/service will not be delivered by us without receiving 100% of the amount.

  • If the total amount is less than or equal to USD 2,000 / INR 1,50,000 you must make the full payment within 7 days of the project start date or before project delivery date whichever is earlier.



3. Additional Work / Extension of Work

  • If you decide to add more work to the ongoing project, the price/rate per unit agreed upon in the initial quotation will not be valid for the additional work, a new quotation for the additional work will be sent to you.

  • Any additional work for the ongoing project will need to be paid 100% in advance by you.



5. Refund

  • Refund to the client will be made by the service provider according to the cancellation/termination stages mentioned in the Cancellation/Termination Policy Section.

  • The Company will not refund any transaction fee/platform fee which the client was charged by the Bank or the Payment Gateway during transaction as it is not a part of what the Company receives.

  • If while making the refund there is a transaction fee/platform fee, the fee will be a cost to the client and not us.

  • All refund will be made within 10 working days.


IMPORTANT : Please refer to the Cancellation/Termination Policy section for refund amount details and conditions.

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